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Hot Roof, A (1995)

개같은 날의 오후

genre: Comedy, Social
country: South Korea
On a hot summer day at an 5-storied working class' apartment. Due to deadly hot temperature that goes up to 40 degree, residents get out to the apartment plaza to let them cool because inside of the houses are hell. Then Jeong-Hee runs away there from unbearable habitual violence of her husband and Seong-Ku beats her. As they watch them and they are simulated, the women gradually get angry and begin to beat Seong-Ku collectively becoming incarnations of wrath while men, who didn't care about it, try to stop them. In the end it becomes a mob fight of men versus women. In this situation the police arrive and they get information Seong-Ku's death on transfer by wireless. Then the police try to take the women to the police station as murderers on the scene. Embarrassed women aimlessly get into an apartment building and then takes a refuge on the roof.........

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Duration: 108mins
Released: Sep 8, 1995

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Production: Sun Films, Jeil Communications

Color: Color
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A Hot Roof
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