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Fingernails (1994)

genre: Thriller
country: South Korea
There is a woman(So-Young). And there is another woman, that is her friend(Hye-Ran) who is not such a close friend but as beautiful as her. So-Young leads so a perfect married life(except no baby). Also she is recognized as competent career woman in society. Compare to her, Hye-Ran is bent on copying So-Young. Because So-Young is talented in fine art, Hye-Ran decided to paint during high school days. She knows, however, she is not gifted in art. Jeong-Min loves his wife So-Young very much. He esteems her career and regards his happiness is perfect. Hye-Ran, who is in inferiority complex to So-Young, gets to turn around So-Young to annoys her with a plan to destroy her happiness while Jeong-Min is easily thrown by Hye-Ran's sexual temptation. After all So-Young determines to estrange from her husband but she finds her pregnancy that she has wished so long. Knowing this, Hye-Ran sets a fire on So-Young's house to kill her. So-Young is narrowly saved by Jeong-Min's help whhile Hye-Ran is burned to death. or a while and they get to love each other. One day Young-Ae disappears suddenly. While he looks for Young-Ae, Min-Wu came to know that she is thoroughly trained to be a call girl by Hyeon-Ma, a lewd fellow. Thus he determines too save her. Hyeon-Ma, who made little of Min-Wu, is murdered by him and Min-Wu and Young-Ae take on a smuggler to flee to foreign land. But Min-Wu commits suicide due to guilty conscience after all and Young-Ae gets out of prostitution for good.

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Duration: 101mins
Released: Dec 23, 1994

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Production: Seong Yeon Entertainment

Color: Color
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