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Q (1996)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Min-Wuk, once a famoust billiard gambler, leads his life as he gives it up now. Hye-Su devotes to take care of Min-Wuk in such condition. However Dong-Su who has an ambition to sweep away gambling world by learning billiard from Min-Wuk wedges in them. Trouble has arisen between Min-Wuk who knows those are meaningless and Dong-Su. Moreover Hye-Su and Dong-Su are getting involved deeper and deeper under Min-Wuk's silent consent. Through hard training Dong-Su's efficiency is getting improved day by day and three are bound to Seoul ranging over billiard gambles in the nation. At the decisive moment, however, Dong-Su loses a chance to revenge due to his childishness and arrogance and even Hye-Su falls in a crisis. Min-Wuk saves Hye-Su sacrificing one of his hands and Hye-Su determines to learn billiard to take revenge on Dong-Su.

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Duration: 107mins
Released: Jun 21, 1996

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Production: Art Cinema

Color: Color
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