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Like Rain, Like Music (1992)

비처럼 음악처럼

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Hyeon-Shik, who goes to exercising room early in the morning. He is a underground singer who displays his music through only disks and live stages. Hyeon-Shik, who screams pain of love, despair of farewell and loneliness in his songs, has a girl friend In-Kyeong. In-Kyeong, a freelancer photographer, came to love him while she is taking pictures of passionately singing Hyeon-Shik. In-Kyeong, who has a strong love and passion of her work, leaves for Japan as she is confused by Hyeon-Shik's unexpected proposal to marry. Hyeon-Shik marries to another woman while he soothes his emptiness. But he is arrested on charge of doping and finally divorces his wife. Although he climbs on top due to success of his concert after being released from prison, Hyeon-Shik has a premonition of his death. He records his last songs spitting out blood.

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Duration: 128mins
Released: Feb 1, 1992

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Production: Samyoung Films

Color: Color
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