Comrade  (2003)

Also Known As: Double Spy, Double Agent
Starring: Han Seok-Gyu, Go So-Young, Cheon Ho-Jin
Director:Kim Hyeon-Jeong(b)
Genre:Action, Suspense, Drama
Production:Him Pictures, Koo and Film
Country:South Korea

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About Comrade
Lim Byung-ho, a free Korea welcomes you. A numbing wind of the cold war passes through 1980 East Berlin. A bullet breaks the silence of a gray road blanketed by the dark. A man is surrounded by a violent shootout between North and South Korean agents in Berlin. The man finally crosses the gate into West Berlin and then successfully defects to the South. He then becomes assigned to the Analysis Center of North Korean Intelligence within South Koreas National Security Agency. But actually, hes an espionage agent for North Korea with a duty to revolutionize South Korea.