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Sex of Magic (2002)

마법의 성

genre: Romance, Comedy
country: South Korea
Sex of Magic is a new domestic movie that shows such a wide range of sexual techniques that it may soon become known as the Korean version of the Kamasutra. Considering the cultural climate, where sexual abstinence has long been upheld as a Confucian virtue, the introduction of this kind of movie itself is sensational in itself.

Unlike director Bang Seong-wung's last movie,Prison World Cup (2001), in which not even a plain kissing scene appeared, the new movie is full of erotic and straightforward depictions of sexual intercourse. In a sense, the movie could be worth seeing for the sole purpose of appreciating the aesthetically pleasing figures of two main characters, Gu Bon-seung and Kim Ji-eun, who are making their first big-screen debut.

However, it is not like a soft-core porn film in that it has, believe it or not, a very clear educational purpose. ``I had planned to make this movie for eight years because I couldn't even dream of making any movie of this genre back then, so I just had to wait until the time was mature, Bang said. As he intended, this movie is full of useful information on traditional remedies to enhance men's stamina and energy, not to mention various sex techniques and postures.

At the same time, it also speaks critically about the deeply rooted, enduring myth of male dominance in sex, putting great emphasis on the importance of caring most about the female counterparts feelings while having sex.

The movie is about a young pharmacist, Sung-bin (Gu Bon-seung), who is rich and handsome, and even has a beautiful fiancee, Ji-hye (Kim Ji-eun). He doesn't seem to lack of anything for his age, except for one thing, the sexual competence to satisfy his fiancee. For two years of their romantic relationship, Sung-bin has never succeeded in sexually satisfying his fiancee, and finally Ji-eun declares the separation.

``You can go to any business school and learn how to make a fortune, or you can go to a dance club to learn how to dance like Britney or N Sync. However, there is not a single institute teaching sex techniques in Korea, Sung-bin sighs in an early scene. Frustrated by his sexual inadequacy, Sung-bin leaves on a journey to learn how to satisfy Ji-hye, only to be swindled out of his money by his closest friend.

Finally, at the end of the journey, he happens to meet his father's old teacher, and gets an unforgettable, priceless lesson, which eventually leads him to salvation.

Director Bang debuted with the sports comedy ``Prison World Cup" (2001), which humorously depicts the fuss over the selection of criminal soccer players who join a soccer match against a different prisoners' group. Through the movie, he attracted as much high praise as severe criticism from movie critics.

Although ``Sex of Magic" is good in itself as a unique sex comedy with many fun things to watch, there is a question left unsolved, mixed with a slight emptiness raised at the end of the movie.

Sung-bin could reach his salvation only because he finally found out how to satisfy his fiancee. Besides, the first words that come out of Ji-hye's mouth after attaining satisfaction are ``I love you" . It seems that Sung-bin has been unable to get her love only by the length and weight of sexual satisfaction. Can't true love ever overcome that? Can we call it a true love if love between two people is possible only under the condition of sexual satisfaction? These are the questions the movie seems to raise. For now, the answer seems to be yes. That could be we might call the ``magic" of sex.

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Duration: 118mins
Released: Oct 3, 2002

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Production: CineFilm

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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