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Twentidentity (2004)

̰, 20,

genre: Drama, Shorts
country: South Korea
20 Short Films Omnibus Film

A Runner's High (directed by Kim So-Young)
Stand (directed by Kim Ui-Seok)
Innocence (directed by Oh Byeong-Cheol)
Looking For Sex (directed by Lee Yong-Bae)
To The 21st (directed by Jang Hyeon-Su)
Neighborhood (directed by Hwang Gyu-Deok)
Race (directed by Kwon Chil-In)
Age 20 (directed by Park Gi-Yong)
It's Different On Mobile Queen (directed by Lee Young-Jae)
Oh My Baby (directed by Jeong Byeong-Gak)
20mm Thick (directed by Lee Hyeon-Seung)
Store am.2 (directed by Kim Tae-Gyun)
20 (directed by Park Gyeong-Hee)
20 Law (directed by Jo Min-Ho)
20 Shoes (directed by Yu Young-Sik)
Alone Together (directed by Heo Jin-Ho)
Sink & Rise (directed by Bong Jun-Ho)
20 Heels (directed by Lee Su-Yeon)
Her Accident (directed by Kim Tae-Yong)
Secrets And Lies (directed by Min Gyu-Dong)
Pass Me (directed by Kim So-Young)

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Duration: 236mins

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Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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