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American Dragon (1998)

Ƹ޸ĭ 巡

genre: Action
country: South Korea
New York is a city of splendid skyscrapers and brilliant neon signs. In nights this city turns into a wicked criminal hotbed. A murder takes place in the Japanese Town. A man is cruelly stabbed, and its only witness, a blond prostitute, is shivering in panic. The only clue in the murder place is a white lotus flower. Two detectives in charge of crimes of violence are dispatched to investigate this case. They are Luca and Kim. Luca became detective in the hatred of crime due to his father who was a member of Mafia. Detective Kim became detective following after his father, who was an international well-known detective. However detective Kim, who lost his wife and son by a top-class killer, suffers from a sense of guilty and revenge. Two detectives are indulging themselves in investigating this case in the memory of a sorrowful past. While there is no progress in the investigation, another consecutive murder takes place in which members of Mafia are killed. Still the only clue is a white lotus flower in the murder place. While the detectives are investigating the case in the threat of death, they begin to understand their painful past and form friendship with each other. Now this case has a new aspect...

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Duration: 95mins
Released: Nov 21, 1998

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Production: Shin Film, Orian Company
Distribution: Daewoo Cinema

Color: Color
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