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Shoot for the Stars TV Series (2002)

, Shooting Star, Shoot the Star

genre: TV, Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
Broadcast: November 20, 2002 ~ January 9, 2003
Total 16 episodes
Love and show business collide in the SBS TV Series Shoot for the Stars! Film star Jeon Do Yeon (Untold Scandal, Happy End) stars as Sora, a 29 year-old woman who has no job, career, or academic pedigree, and longs only to be married to a man she can call her true love. Her chance arrives when she meets Sung Tae (Cho In Sung of Lover's Concerto), a waiter and wannabe actor. He impresses Sora and her brother, a low-rent talent manager named Bada, who's played by comic actor Park Sang Myun (My Wife is a Gangster) in a winning dramatic role. Sung Tae also suffers from dyslexia, making script reading mighty difficult, but with Sora's support, Sung Tae finally does become an actor. However, when a relationship builds between the two, it inevitably leads to complications, and even a scandal...

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Released: Nov 20, 2002

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Production: SBS
Distribution: SBS
Investment: SBS
Public Relation: SBS

Format: Beta-SP
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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