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Princess Hours TV Series (2006)

, Gung, Palace

genre: TV, Drama
country: South Korea
"Princess Hours" is a comic by Park Soh-hee, about Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun-hye) who is to be married to a prince, Shin-yi (Joo Ji-hoon). Despite the fact that both Chae-kyung and Shin-yi are against this marriage...they end up agreeing to it. Both sides dislike each other, but because of their own reasons they marry each other. Will love spark between these two?
Journey into the imaginative world of Palace where kings and queens still rule modern day Korea. Grand and beautiful, the palace becomes the home to a group of royals pulled into the political rivalries and romantic entanglements of palace life.

Shin (Joo Ji-Hoon) may be the picture-perfect Crown Prince, but he is aloof and wary of his royal status. Commoner Chae-Kyung (Yoon Eun-Hye) is headstrong and outspoken, but fiercely loyal to her loved ones. Their worlds unexpectedly collide when an arranged marriage makes them husband and wife! It's not exactly "happily ever after" for this royal odd couple as they try to make sense of their relationship. Life gets even more complicated when Prince Yool (Kim Jeong-Hoon) returns to the palace to compete for both Chae-Kyung's affection and the throne.

With vivid cinematography, elaborate costumes and set designs, and a fresh young cast, Palace is a spectacular visual experience. Sparks will fly when romance clashes with palace politics in this colorful romantic comedy.

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Released: Jan 11, 2006

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Production: MBC
Distribution: MBC
Investment: MBC
Public Relation: MBC

Format: Beta-SP
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