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Returned Hero Hong Gil-Dong (1995)

ƿ ȫ浿

genre: Animation
country: South Korea
During Chosun Dynasty. Hong Kil-Dong, who is born out of wedlock, is abruptly reprimanded by his father Sir Hong, minister of justice, and kicked out of his family. For Hong Kil-Dong, a bastard, calls him 'father'. Kil-Dong, who is expelled without knowing the reason, meets Chadol Bawi, who lost his father due to their local magistrate Eom Ga-Jin's violence and steals nobles' purses. Fascinated by Kil-Dong's martial art and personality, Chadol Bawi voluntarily becomes his follower and informs him about Hwal Bin Party, chivalrous robbers. Then they are bound to Dan Bal valley, Keum Kang Mountain where Hwal Bin Party is supposed to be. Meanwhile Ho-Pi, the best disciple of Guru Golban who takes the royal court in his hand controlling his right hand Lim Sa-Hong, removes 8 wise men of Chosun one after another to get rid of clean aura of the nation according to Guru Golban's order. Gop-Dan Yi, who gets to know her father Lim Sa-Hong's wickedness through Kil-Dong and Chadol Bawi, arrives at Keum Kang Mountain. The very man who appears in front of them is Guru Baek-Wun, one of 8 wise men. Setting up Hwal Bin party and standing against Guru Golban, Guru Baek-Wun waits for Kil-Dong and Gop-Dan Yi due to the heaven's revelation that the only way to defeat Guru Golban is to collect spirits of 3 persons of clean soul.

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Duration: 75mins
Certification: All
Released: Dec 24, 1995

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Production: Stone Flower Company

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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