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Watchman of Heart, A (1992)

마음의 파수꾼

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Hye-Ryeon, a playwriter, meets a young man called Jae-Wu in a traffic accident and she makes him stay at her house until his legs are recovered. As he gets over, she arranges for him to be an actor and gets on the stardom. And as time goes by, a subtle and complicated emotion flows between them. While things happen one after another such as conflict between Hye-Ryeon, her ex-husband's suicide, President Lee Yong-Jin's death by murder and traffic accident of her junior fellow who deprived of her ex-husband. Jae-Wu whose love toward Hye-Ryeon is the only purpose of his life leaves her realizing that his sorrow and morbid affection made her in difficulty. And after Jae-Wu left, Hye-Ryeon feels his love and accepts him in perfect ways.

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Duration: 83mins
Released: Nov 21, 1992

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Production: Dae San Entertainment

Color: Color
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