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Blues (1998)


genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Jun-Ku and Keun-Tae do anything to make money including snatching money at a gambling party in disguise of police officers in conspiracy with Ma Tae-Wung. Though Jun-Ku is displeased with himself who commits this kind of thing reflecting his late father who died due to money. Then a college girl called Sol-Bi appears to him and they fall in love with each other. Jun-Ku determines no to do this job again but Ma Dae-Young and Keun-Tae persistently request him to steal durg smugglers' money emphasizing for the last time. Thus Jun-Ku decides to work together determining this is the last. However things go to unexpected way. As Jun-Ku gets to stab Keun-Tae and Ma Dae-Young came to kill a man during the fight, three of them become fugitives. Sol-Bi who knows nothing about that waits for Jun-Ku while president Mo who is attacked by the three men locates Jun-Ku's whereabouts by using Sol-Bi. Then fights begin and three of them face death after all.

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Duration: 101mins
Released: May 23, 1998

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Production: Woo Sung Cinema

Color: Color
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