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Pirate (1994)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
Even though villagers of Kalmeo Ri, who are deprived of the sea, their base of living, by cultivators of other places, holds their lives on a shabby fishing boat to maintain their livelihoods, their lives become miserable more and more due to conflicts of violent organizations hired by the cultivators on right and interests. Wu-Man, from this village, quit college and comes down to Yeo Su to be a member of Simin Gang with his friend Hong-Baek. One day Wu-Man gets an order from this boss Dolphine to kill the head of Jeon Wol farm of Nam Hang party. Carrying out this order, he runs away to Pusan. However Wu-Man is attacked by Kang Wun party of Pusan who is instigated by White Bear, the boss of nam Hang party. Thanks to Koo Jang-Saeng's help he escapes from the crisis and comes back to Yeo Su with Koo. Wu-Man, who meets Hong-back again, is thrown away to the sea during a duel fight with watching boat of Nam-Hang Party on the boat. After saved by a fisher couple, Wu-Min came to meet a strange man of the island village. Through hard training course, he gets to open eyes to look at the world. Coming back to his village, Wu-Man determines to stand against the violent organization, the enemy of the whole village, as his father is killed by Nam Hang party.

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Duration: 103mins
Released: Nov 5, 1994

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Production: Korea Film Planning Information Center

Color: Color
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