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Hoodlum Lessons (1996)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
Seong-Cheol, a middle boss of a organized gang, gets on a plane for Japan to take a shelter in a Yakuja organization until things are settled down after he hacks to pieces of Chan-Sam who tries to trample on him ignoring the hierarchy of the organization. His next seat is for Sohn Hae-Ku who goes to Japan to make money liquidating waiter's life with no vision. Seong-Cheol is supposed to remove Hae-Ku who know his status as the most wanted but he sends the man who wriggles to survive without causing a problem. Arriving in Japan Hae-Ku is cheated by the broker who invited him and beaten to almost death even without getting back his money. He goes to Seon-Cheol because he has neither money nor acquaintance. Seong-Cheol goes to the Japanese Yakuja organization which takes care of his dwelling place accompanied by Hae-Ku. Hae-Ku meets Sam-Sun who is working at a nightclub and as he is welcomed due to his connection with Yakuja, he engages in gangster affairs in earnest. Whenever he causes problems, Seong-Cheol manages aftermath advising him that gangster's life is not such an easy game but it is no use for Hae-Ku. However when he murders a member of organization by mistake and what's worse Sam-Su runs away...............

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Duration: 108mins
Released: Dec 21, 1996

editor   (5)
users   (5.5)

Production: Uno Films
Distribution: Sidus

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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