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Cloud Staircase TV Series (2006)

구름계단, Cloud Stairs

genre: TV, Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
On Air: 18.9.2006 ~ 7.11.2006
Jung Soo was a man who lived a life of innocence and diligence. His honest and hard work led him to an opportunity for a bright future. But when he saves a near dying woman through surgery, he becomes mistaken for a skillful doctor. As a savior, she approaches him …the more he sees her the more his life complicates… and a love blossoms…slowly but surely they fall in love… a sweet addiction. In order to protect it, he begins to lie to himself and ignore the past. The moment he rises to the top he loses everything and the love that he thought would give him everything turns into poison. He lost his world …but this is his story of getting it back.

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Released: Sep 18, 2006

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Production: KBS
Distribution: KBS
Investment: KBS
Public Relation: KBS

Format: Beta-SP
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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