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Don Quixote on Asphalt (1988)

아스팔트위의 동키호테

genre: Romance
country: South Korea
Ho-Tae devotes himself to develop the future car of Dong-Ki, but they have difficulty with the expenses. Je-Ha introduces the old man Hwang to them with the help of a businessman, who acknowledges their ability. When they make the future car based on the experience of the old man Hwang, an automobile company begins to bring them round. However, they explode the future car on the day of opening of the future car, because they think that the future car may destroy the social order. The businessman who invest money on them press them and the neighbor misunderstand them. In this moment, Je-Ha makes a scene of suicide, but it turns out that it is their idea for advertising cosmetic goods.

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Duration: 110mins
Released: Apr 2, 1988

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Production: Samyoung Films

Color: Color
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