Police TV Series  (2007)

Also Known As: Ildan Run
Starring: Kim Ji-Seok, Kim Tae-Ho, Jang Hyo-Jin(a)
Director:Yun Seong-Sik, Ji Byeong-Hyeon, Mun Jun-Ha
Genre:TV, Drama
Country:South Korea

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About Police TV Series
On Air: 24.1.2007 ~ 19.4.2007

Total 21 episodes
The story happened in a small mountain village in Thailand. The leading character Yong Ting is an orphan, he was abandoned when he is given birth in the villiage. He was abandoned in front of on hall for worshipping Buddha stair. A Buddhist priest found him and then adopted him. Under the guidance of the master, he grows up and the skill of wushu also increase everday. One day, some guys, stole the worshipping Buddhas head away

And the villages donate some money for the coming Buddhas birthday. They want to celebrate the 24th birthday for Buddha. It drove the villages crazy when they learn that the Buddha's head was stolen. They put all sorts of things together and collected some travel-expenses. And requested Yong Ting to find the Buddhas head back...