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Rival TV Series (2002)


genre: TV, Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
On Air: August 3, 2002 ~ October 6, 2002

With golf games as the background, this play makes the metaphor between life and the ups and downs of the golf field, different environments and different rivals and the perseverance to overcome difficulties.

Half older sister is abandoned by her dad when she's still upbeat and hard working. After her endeavor, she finally becames a successful golf player. Younger sister is a professional golf player. She's bright and pretty, a star in the sportscircle and the advertisement circle. She is jealous and ambitious, capable of using her beauty to achieve different goals. Is a nbody in a debt seeking company, but he's quite nice and has a friendship like relationship with the heroine. He dies finally for the heroine.
So Yoo Jin is a poor girl that aspires to be a golf star. When her brother, Park Chul, runs away after leaving behind a large debt, Kim Jae Won comes to collect the money. So Yoo Jin promises to pay the money once she becomes a golf star, and so Kim Jae Won always looks over her like a 'soo ho chun sa'. When her aunt also runs away, the aunt calls So Yoo Jin's dad to tell him of his daughter. So Yoo Jin had been the daughter of a very rich man. So Yoo Jin's stepsister, Kim Min Jung, is very sly and always tries to torment So Yoo Jin. Kim Joo Hyuk, who Kim Min Jung likes, likes So Yoo Jin instead. Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Min Jung, and So Yoo Jin all aspire to be the top in the golf world as the healthy story of four young people is told.

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Released: Aug 3, 2002

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Production: JS Pictures
Distribution: SBS
Investment: SBS
Public Relation: SBS

Format: Beta-SP
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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