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Whereabouts of Eve (1983)

窍客狼 青规

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Shin-Ae is a beautiful and intelligent girl, but the conflict with her husband Ji Seok-Wu, the businessman, drives her to commit suicide. Her husband finds a lot of letters and canvas on which the figure of a strange man is drawn in Shin-Ae's atelier and sets out to find him. When father gets more close to his young stepmother owing to a baby born between them, John feels isolation and runs away to a mountain temple. There, he meets a warm lady Shin-Ae and they come close. By that time, Seok-Wu guesses Shin-Ae will not come back and returns to his home throwing off her diary and jack knife. John hears from Seok-Wu about Shin-Ae's real aspects and stabs him with the knife.

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Duration: 83mins
Released: May 28, 1983

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Production: Segyung Enterprises

Color: Color
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