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Worlds Within... TV Series (2008)

׵ , The World That They Live In, 们ͣ

genre: TV, Drama, Romance
country: South Korea
Broadcast: October 27, 2008 ~ December 16, 2008
Total 16 episodes

"Worlds Within" was produced by a Korean drama dream team. One of Korea's best drama writers, Hee-kyung Noh, teamed up with director Min-soo Pyo and two of Korea's favorite stars, Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin, to produce a first-class drama series. It's the story of a drama production team and their everyday lives and relationships, and the story unfolds in an understated yet heart-touching manner. The drama focuses on the beautiful love story between Junyoung and Jio (played by Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin), and their realistic yet powerful emotions struck a chord with many viewers.

KBS spices up its 2008 fall lineup with The World That They Live In / World Within featuring two leading Korean Wave stars: the beautiful Song Hye Kyo and My Lovely Sam Soon's Hyun Bin. The new melodrama sees the delightful reunion of Song and director Pyo Min Soo (Full House) and also marks Hyun Bin's much awaited return to television since starring in The Snow Queen in 2006. While offering an intriguing look behind-the-camera at the making of fictional TV dramas, the story centers on both the personal and professional lives of those involved in the broadcasting industry.
Broadcasting station, especially television drama production, is often called as the core of desire and materialism. TV station is the place of envy for many people, but they also criticize it as the place where unethical thoughts are generalized. However, those who work in drama production team are not different from us; they are common people who need love and care just like others. Most of Korean dramas are focused on family problems and troubled relationships between lovers. However, for the moderners, workplace is where they spend most of their time. If one fails to build decent relationships with others in his workplace, it would be hard to read his life as a success. Worlds Within will bring out the stories of drama production staffs; the warm, touching stories of their love and life.

When Junyoung, a director, joins the drama division of a broadcasting station, she finds herself working with Jio, a senior director and her former boyfriend. When Junyoung breaks up with her current boyfriend, Jio confesses his true feelings for her, and they get back together. Meanwhile, Gyuho Song, an established director in the broadcasting world, begins a risky romance with Haejin, a young yet fearless actress. As well as these love stories, the drama paints a compelling picture of the professional lives of directors, scriptwriters and actors.

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Released: Oct 27, 2008

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Distribution: KBS
Investment: KBS
Public Relation: KBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
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Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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