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Hedgehog of the Third Dock (1977)

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genre: Drama
country: South Korea
Ko Man-Seok nicknamed "Hedgehog ", a detective of Counter North Operations Bureau, shows up in Pusan full of hooligans and smugglers with a special mission and chases after Park Jeon-Ho, a big spy of North. Park Jeong-Ho nicknamed "Viper" dominates the smuggling parties and makes contact with North. As other smuggling parties get more prosperous, he tries to get rid of them using Hedgehog's courage and nimble fist. On the other hand, other parties also tries to kill Viper using Hedgehog. Knowing this, Viper kills Hedgehog's wife and tries to send him to North Korea compulsory. At last, Viper surrenders to Hedgehog after a mortal bout.

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Duration: 110mins
Released: Nov 4, 1977

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Production: Hwa Chun Trading Co. Ltd.

Color: Color
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