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Mom Gets a Lover (1995)

엄마에게 애인이 생겼어요

genre: Romance, Drama
country: South Korea
Eun-Jae, an illustrator of kids book publisher, is friendly greeted by Jin-Wu when she goes to a book shop to get materials. A few years ago Eun-Jae met Jin-Wu by chance on the narrow-gauge train. As the karma comes closer to her inevitably, Eun-Jae carefully starts to meet Jin-Wu. Though she knows both of them have family, Eun-Jae feels a stir in her heart without knowing why. As Yun-Su, Eun-Jae's friend, and Chang-Se, Jin-Wu's friend, wedge in their meeting and their friends gets to enjoy meeting in secret to their loveless husband and distrustful wife who is suspicious about her husband's chastity, Eun-Jae and Jin-Wu are getting closer in full speed. Even though she feels guilty conscience about her husband and daughter, Eun-Jae gets special feeling that her emotion is respected by Jin-Wu who comes to her with soft feeling. She falls deeper and deeper in him. By the way Yun-Su and Chang-Se who were thought to have a momentary love affair risk a great sacrifice. They rush to their newly opened true love......

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Duration: 102mins
Released: May 20, 1995

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Production: Kang Wu-Seok Production, Dae Woo Electro

Format: 35mm Film
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
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