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God of Study TV Series (2010)

공부의신, Master of Study, Gongsin, Lord of Studying

genre: TV, Drama, School, Juvenile
country: South Korea
Broadcast: January 4, 2010 ~ February 23, 2010
Episodes: 16

Based on the same manga that spawned the hit Japanese series Dragon Zakura starring Abe Hiroshi and Yamashita Tomohisa, KBS school drama God of Study is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas of 2010. Movie star and funnyman Kim Su Ro stars in his first TV drama as scrappy and abrasive lawyer Kang Suk Ho, who takes up a teaching position at a failing high school. To save the school from the ax, he comes up with the unconventional plan of starting a special class curriculum devoted to getting the school's five worst students into the country's top university.
Teen heartthrob Yoo Seung Ho (Queen Seon Duk) leads the delinquent pack as rebellious underachiever Baek Hyun, who bumps heads right away with Suk Ho. The rest of the class is formed by T-ara's Ji Yeon (High Kick Through the Roof), Ko Ah Sung from The Host, Lee Hyun Woo (The Return of Iljimae), and Lee Chan Ho (Our School's E.T.). Popular actress Bae Du Na returns to the small screen as a quirky, earnest teacher who initially objects to Suk Ho's teaching methods and motivations, while Oh Yoon Ah (Alone in Love) plays the ditzy principal.
Kang Seok-ho (Kim Soo-Ro) is a poor lawyer and ex-motorcycle gang member . He then takes a position to revive a third rate high school named "Byeong-Mun High School". To revive the school, Seok-ho Kang needs his students to become accepted into prestigious universities. Because of this, Seok-ho Kang starts a special class and becomes the teacher for that class. Seok-ho Kang takes students, who have bad scores, and guides them to improve not only their scores but their outlook on life.

One such student is Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung-ho) a defiant and headstrong student who is similar to Kang Seok-ho at that age. Their strong personalities causes them to have clashes, but gradually, Hwang Baek Hyun opens up to Seok-ho's teaching methods and eventually becomes the best student in the class.

Later, after their hard efforts, 3 out of 5 students get admitted to the university. Oh Bong Goo and Gil Pul Ip gets admitted to Cheon Ha University, which in the drama, is considered to be a prestigious school. However, Hwang Baek Hyun goes to Tae Pyeong University, because it is the school where he can study Korean medicine and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Two other students, Hong Chan Doo and Na Hyun Jung, sadly fails. Now, Hong Chan Doo did not apply for any university from the first time, because he wanted to dance. The drama ends with Hwang Baek Hyun and Kang Seok Ho smiliing at each other inside Kang Seok Ho's lawyer office.

Kang Suk Ho is an ordinary lawyer who decides to take up a job at the nearby high school. After seeing the conditions of the school and the poor grades all the students have, Suk Ho decides to create a special class promising admission to the most prestigious college in Korea, "Chun-Ha-Dae University." Five of the most laziest students - Hwang Baek Hyun, Gil Pul Ip, Na Hyun Jung, Hong Chan Doo, and Oh Bong Goo join the class to in order to prove that they can do it with hard work and dedication.

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Released: Jan 4, 2010

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Production: Drama House
Distribution: KBS
Investment: KBS
Public Relation: KBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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