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Sikeodeun Ttoljina Malji (1973)

시거든 떫지나 말지

genre: Comedy
country: South Korea
Ko Jeom-Deuk family once did farming near Seoul before they become sudden millionaire by selling their useless fields to be used as factory site. Jeom-Deuk is irritated by his family who is restless by Jeom-Pal's honeyed words. Jeom-Deuk tries to change improperness of the family with help of his gardener Lee Nam-Wu. But only Ye-Sun trusts Nam-Wu while all the faimily members including mother regard him as an eyerose. However Nam-Wu doesn't bend his attitude in spite of their maltreatment and continues to correct their faults. The day Nam-Wu leaves Jeon-Deuk's house, the whole family determine to be faithful in life. Ye-Sun is happy to go with Nam-Wu.

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Duration: 85mins
Released: Jun 29, 1973

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Production: Samyoung Films

Color: Color
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