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Give Me Food TV Series (2009)

, What's for Dinner?, Serve Me

genre: TV, Drama, Family, Romance
country: South Korea
Broadcast: May 25, 2009 ~ October 23, 2009
Episodes: 106

This drama is about the tumultuous lives of three sisters. Jo Young Ran is trapped in a loveless marriage to her cold and uncaring husband, whom she married after dating for a week. Her older sister Young Shim's poor financial situation and desire to live a rich and glamorous life causes her to quarrel frequently with her husband, while her younger sister Young Mi has a good career is married to a mother's boy.
Cho Young-ran is in a loveless marriage due to her aloof and insensitive husband.

Her shopaholic older sister desires a glamorous life,
but her poor economic situation leads her to frequently quarrel with her husband.
Young-rans younger sister has a well-paying job,
but is married to a mamas boy.

This is a story about these three sisters and their topsy-turvy lives!
Young-ran is a pretty housewife with a sweet personality.
She married her husband after just dating him for a week.
But her husband lacks the warmth that she craves for in a loving marriage.
Whenever her husband comes back from work,
all he manages to ask is Whats for dinner?.
Later on, she is shocked to find out that her husband is having an affair
with his former girlfriend.

One day, her husbands mistress suddenly goes missing
Suspicions regarding the womans disappearance begin to arise...

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Released: May 25, 2009

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Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
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