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Don't Hesitate TV Series (2009)


genre: TV, Drama, Family, Romance
country: South Korea
Broadcast: October 5, 2009 ~ February 28, 2010
Episodes: 98

This drama tells the story of a woman who devoted her life to love and a man who had never known nor believed in love. Jang Soo Hyun was a woman who previously believed in sacrificing herself for love, even donating her liver to save her first love, Choi Min Young, but was rewarded by betrayal when her best friend, Oh Sun Ah, seduced Min Young. Since then, she had become jaded and resolved to distance herself from relationships, until she met Han Tae Woo, a man who had built a wall around his heart in fear of being hurt again. She becomes someone whom he learns to sacrifice everything for.

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Released: Oct 5, 2009

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Distribution: SBS
Investment: SBS
Public Relation: SBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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