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Ojakgyo Brothers TV Series (2011)

오작교 형제들, Ojakkyo Brothers, The Brothers of the Ojakgyo, The Brothers of the Bridge of Crows and Magpies, Golden Pond

genre: TV, Drama, Family
country: South Korea
Broadcast: August 6, 2011 ~ January 22, 2012
Episodes: 58

It is a story about a family consists of a grandmother, father, mother, and four sons who lives in Ojakgyo farm. The father is Hwang Chang-shik and the mother is Park Bok-ja. The oldest son, Hwang Tae-shik, is an almost-40-year-old physical therapist who has a son named Guk-su from a Philippine woman. At first, Tae-shik is embarrassed to admit Guk-su as his son that he tries to hide Guk-su from his family. The second son, Hwang Tae-beom, is a reporter who marries his colleague, the rich Cha Su-yeong after getting her pregnant.Tae-beom has loved another girl, Han Hye-ryeong, but as Hye-ryeong leaves him, Tae-beom marries Su-yeong. His married life is often filled with trivial arguments and problems. The third son, Hwang Tae-hee, is a quiet detective. He is not Chang-shik's real son but he is Chang-shik's nephew. Sometimes, Tae-hee feels left out from his brothers. However, Chang-shik and Bok-ja really loves him as a son that Tae-hee also regards them and their real sons as family. The youngest, Hwang Tae-phil, lately works to Su-yeong's aunt in her clothing store.

Then, a rich girl named Baek Ja-eun comes to the Ojakgyo farm and changes the Hwang family's lives. Her father is lost in the sea and her selfish stepmother leaves her after her father is bankrupt. Ja-eun's father is also accused of bribing the university to admit Ja-eun. Discouraged by the situation, Ja-eun finds her father's contract. Actually, Baek In-ho, her father, owns the Ojakgyo farm but he lends the farm to his friend Chang-shik for 10 years. Now after 10 years, Ja-eun determines to regain her rightful land and sell it to get money. Everyone in the Hwang family is unhappy with the news that even Bok-ja stole Ja-eun's contract and throws Ja-eun out of the house. Tae-hee who defends the right thing thinks that his family should get out of the farm and returns the farm to Ja-eun. Furthermore, he advises Ja-eun to be kind so that maybe Bok-ja will be willing to return the farm to her. Following his advise, Ja-eun buys a tent, lives outside the house, and helps on the later it revealed Tae-hee's father and Chang-sik's brother was hit and run by Baek In-ho's friend who framed him for 26 years ago.

2011 KBS Drama Awards:
Excellence Award for Serial Drama, Actress (Kim Ja Ok)
Excellence Award, Supporting Actor (Jung Woong In)
Newcomer Actor Award (Joo Won)
Newcomer Actress Award (Uee)
Best Couple Award (Ryu Soo Young and Choi Jung Yoon)
Child Actor Award (Park Hee Gun)
Writer Award (Lee Jung Sun)
A family with 4 sons who live together with their relatives in a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Hee is the third son and a policeman who falls in love with a girl named Baek Ja Eun. Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up with anger.

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Released: Aug 6, 2011

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Distribution: KBS
Investment: KBS
Public Relation: KBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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