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I Can't Live with Only Rice (1991)

丸 ԰

genre: Erotic, Comedy
country: South Korea
As a country girl Young-Ja runs out of home to Seoul, Kang-Keun follows her. But Young-Ja is kidnapped by flesh traffickers while Kang-Keun gets mob violence on chasing them. Then Hye-Ryeon, a hairdresser, saves Kang-Keun and hires him as her chauffeur. When Hye-Ryeon takes a trip with her husband, her friend Se-Young hires Kang-Keun as a managing director of her cabaret. So he becomes a plaything of middle aged women. As the cabaret is closed due to tax evasion and perverted business, Kang-Keun goes to a ski resort with Mi-Hyang, a friend of Hye-Ryeon's. However his brother Jung-Keun reproaches him when he witnesses his brother's decadent life. Kang-Keun sets up a strategy to save his lover of home Young-Ja. Later the three go back home leaving Seoul.

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Duration: 97mins
Released: Jun 29, 1991

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Production: Ewha Films Co. Ltd

Color: Color
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