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Godfather of Osaka (1986)


genre: Action, Martial
country: South Korea
When Osaka Korea-Japan Juvenile Supporting Founding Conference is held, the first chairman Kim Heung-Du stands on the platform. In past, he was imprisoned for eating too much the food in a restaurant, and after released from prison, he becomes notorious as hooligans and fights with his old friend Park Myeong-Kyu. He rears up dead Park Myeong-Kyu's son Masao well but Masao anguishes when he realizes that Heung-Du is the enemy who killed his real father. Because of a Chochongryeon member Heo Jeong-Suk's evil plot, Masao gets imprisoned and Heung-Du rescues him by using his fists of iron. Heung-Du, recalling of his past, emphasizes not to waste time like a fool.

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Duration: 95mins
Released: May 24, 1986

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Production: Dong Hyeop Co.

Color: Color
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