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Sirasoni (1979)


genre: Action
country: South Korea
Lee Seong-Sun is called "Sirasoni", or a nickname of baby tiger, owing to his good nature. Even under the Japanese control, he has strong nation spirit and fights against the Japanese students so that he is unable to be with his bride on the first day of the wedding and instead escape to China. In China, he rescues a Chinese woman, who is maltreated by the Japanese, which allows him to get a job of pier laborer together with the Chinese people. The labor workers at the pier have not been given reasonable salary and are pressed by the Japanese. Losing his friend owing to such a practice, he feels angry and fights against the Japanese to make the Japanese lose pride.

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Duration: 105mins
Released: Apr 12, 1979

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Production: Dong Hyeob Trading Co.

Color: Color
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