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Modern Farmer TV Series (2014)


genre: TV, Drama
country: South Korea
Broadcast: 2014-10-18 ~ 2014-12-27
Episodes: 20

Can the answer to life's quandaries be found in the land? When the members of the rock band called "Excellent Souls (ExSo)." The band consists of Lee Min Ki (Lee Hong Ki), Kang Hyuk (Park Min Woo), Yoo Han Chul (Lee Shi Un) and Han Ki Joon (Kwak Dong Yun)- decide they want to escape from it all, they decide to move to a small rural village to take up farming. There, they meet Lee Soo Yeon (Kwon Min Ah), who also has escaped from Seoul to the countryside to take a break. Can the band members really make their new lives in farming work?

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Released: Oct 18, 2014

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Distribution: SBS

Format: HD
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
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