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Revenge, The (1978)

오륙도 이무기

genre: Drama
country: South Korea
After serving imprisonment, Oryukdo Imuki looks for Chung-Il who knows the information of the person who killed his elder brother involved in the smuggling one year ago. He was once powerful at downtown street of Nampodong. He looks for Chung-Il together with Oh Sa-Dal, his reliable follower, and finally finds out Chung-Il, who becomes a follower of Chang Jin-Keon who is suspected to kill his elder brother. Chung-Il, however, does not admit strongly the fact that he was at the scene of the accident that his elder brother was killed. Keeping strong intention, however, he discloses even the identity of an espionage agent who was involved in killing his elder brother.

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Duration: 95mins
Released: Jun 23, 1978

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Production: Woojin Films

Color: Color
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