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Song Gang-Ho

Birth Date: January 17, 1967
Job: Actor
Country: South Korea

Theatre-trained, Song Gang-Ho stumbled into movies and a series of bit parts rapidly snowballed into a career as Korea's most promising new actor. His performances in the wrestling comedy THE FOUL KING, and as a North Korean officer in JOINT SECURITY AREA garnered him a slew of awards, and he is kno n mostly as a comedian.   

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A Taxi Driver
Blu-ray $69.98

Joint Security Area
Blu-ray $49.98

Memories of Murder
Blu-ray $69.98

Secret Reunion
Blu-ray $299.98

Snowpiercer (2discs)
Blu-ray $49.98

The Age of Shadows
Blu-ray $49.98

The Attorney
Blu-ray $49.98

The Face Reader
Blu-ray $99.98

The Foul King
Blu-ray $69.98
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