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Kim Ki-Duk
, Kim Gi-Deok

Birth Date: December 20, 1960
Job: Director, Producer, Writer
Country: South Korea

Director Kim Ki-Duk (1960-) occupies a very special place in Korean cinema, and has been expanding his filmography with an incredible speed. After he made his debut with "Crocodile/Alligator" in 1996, he completed 7 feature films in six years, "Wild Animals" (1997), "Birdcage Inn" (1998), "The Isle" (1999), "Real Fiction" (2000), "Address Unknown" (2001), and "The Villain" (2001). His guerrilla filmmaking method, with its extreme low budget and speed is very controversial. But, it is astonishing that he continues to make films although he has never been a commercial success in Korea. Unlike most Korean film directors who come from either the middle or upper classes and have a high level of education, Kim Gi-Deok lived most of his life having "almost nothing to do with culture." This enables him to create an extraordinary portrayal of those who are deprived of decent living conditions. No other Korean director knows the mass of humanity, so used to despair and degradation, who hardly know a path to self-redemption, as well as Kim Gi-Deok does. Yet his films are also full of imaginative and attractive graphic images, like sparks of fire shooting out of darkness. "The Isle" and "Address Unknown" have been invited to compete at the Venice International Film Festival, and his reputation as a "representative Korean director with both originality and commercial appeal" is likely to spread overseas.   
One on One (2014)
Godsend (2013)
Rough Play (2013)
Moebius (2013)
Pieta (2012)
Poongsan Dog (2011)
Sad Dream (2008)
Beautiful (2008)
Breath (2007)
Time (2006)
Bow, The (2005)
3-Iron (2004)
Samaria (2004)
Bad Guy (2001)
Real Fiction (2000)
Isle, The (2000)
Birdcage Inn (1998)
Alligator (1996)

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