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Hong Sang-Soo
ȫ, Hong Sang-Su

Birth Date: January 01, 1960
Job: Director, Writer
Country: Seoul, South Korea

Hong Sang-Soo was born in 1961. As a film student at Chung Ang University, he went to USA to study film at California Art College and Chicago Institute of Arts. He is a professor of School of Film and Multimedia in the Korean National University if Arts. His 1996 debut work [The Day a Pig Fell Into Well] received universal praises from the critics and received international awards at both Vancouver (Dragon&Tiger Award) and Rotterdam (Best Picture Award). [Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors] is his third feature following 1998s [The Power of Kangwon Province].   

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Claire's Camera
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Night and Day
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Okis Movie
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Our Sunhi
Blu-ray $49.98

The Day He Arrives
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Yourself and Yours
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Hahaha (region3)
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Hill of Freedom
DVD $34.98
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