Just Looking at Her TV Series Soundtrack
그저 바라 보다가

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Also Known As:그바보, The Fool, That Fool, The Accidental Couple, While I Was Looking, That Dummy
Director:Ki Min-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Jun 02, 2009
Product Made In:South Korea
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1.그 바보 - 박정현
2.하루 - 이승철
3.바보의 사랑 - 이진성(먼데이키즈)
4.사랑하기 좋은 날 - 마골피
5.눈물이 많은 남자 - 김시진
6.감사 - Ayaka Hirahara
7.천사 같은 너 - Bross
8.빈상자 - 시온
9.그대는 몰라요 - 차여울
10.Loving U - 마골피
11.낯에 뜨는 별 - 글루미 서티스
13.Once Upon A Star
14.코코넛 블루스
15.내 마음속의 자장가
16.피크닉 요들
17.Model Line No.6
18.봄눈 녹는 개울가
About Just Looking at Her TV Series
Broadcast: April 29, 2009 ~ June 18, 2009
Total episodes: 16

The KBS romantic comedy, The Accidental Couple, has received a lot of attention recently due to its' two main stars. Firstly, Hwang Jeong-Min, a noted movie actor, has taken on his first television role in his 15 year career in this movie. His co-star is the lovely Kim Ah-Joong. She has returned to the TV screen 3 years after starring in the 2006 smash hit, 200 Pound Beauty.

This mini-series is about the unlikely love story between a humble postman (Goo Dong-Baek played by Hwang Jeong-Min) and a famous actress (Han Ji-Soo played by Kim Ah-Joong). During a six-month contract marriage, Dong-Baek falls in love with Ji-Soo. His warm and genuine affection for Ji-Soo struck a chord with many TV viewers.

The first perfect match from the Best Actor - Hwang Jung Min of "You Are My Sunshine" and Best Actress - Kim Ah Joong of "200 Pound Beauty"!

Goo Dong-baek is an honest and good-hearted postman. One day he encounters with Han Ji Soo, a top celebrity. However, an ordinary man gets no chance to show his feeling to this top actress who everyone loves. Six months period of time with her elapses like a midsummer night's dream. But he cannot just end up his love like a 'dream'. Shouting out love! His love has just begun.