Hot Blood TV Series Soundtrack

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Also Known As:The Bloody Business Man, A Blooded Salesman, Car Dealer, Hot-Blooded Salesman
Director:Ji Byung-Hyun
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Business
Release Date:Nov 09, 2009
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Challenger - 박재범
기다려줄래 - 김경록(V.O.S)
Rush! Rush!
그랬으면 좋겠어 - 고혜림
What Is Love - 양선미
널 알고 - BMK
세상 위로 날다
Delight, Anger, Love, Pleasure
사랑하는데 - 먼데이키즈
부서져 가 - 박재범
Miss. Mysterious
Candy Or Coffee?
그건 꿈이었을까
그래도 사랑해 - 김경록(V.O.S)
Release Your Mind
C'Est La Vie
About Hot Blood TV Series
Broadcast: October 10, 2009 ~ December 13, 2009
Total 20 episodes

"Hot Blood" revolves around penniless Ha-ryu who is driven by upward mobility and a thirst for personal success.

Money - "Every dog has his day"

Here is a man who can do whatever it takes to make money. He dreams of raking in 10 billion won by selling cars. Due to this wild idea, he is deemed crazy by everyone, but is ready to sell even his soul to become a billionaire. "I will make myself fully prepared to take every chance that lies ahead of me!!!"

Business - "Successful salesman sells personality, not a product."

Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone involves in an act of selling products. If you benefit from quality education, you can sell your knowledge as a high-caliber worker. You can engage in physical labor to make ends meet. You can devote yourself into selling "real" products like merchants in the market. What difference can there be between successful salesmen and unsuccessful ones?

Car - "A car and life share commonalities in that you can control both by your own free will."

A car, considered indispensable to life after food, clothing and shelter, has many faces. You can use a car as a criterion in evaluating people. You can think of a car as a livelihood to support the family. You can drive a car to show off your fortune or brag of your power It brings happiness to some while giving others pain.