Definitely Neighbors TV Series Soundtrack
이웃집 웬수

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Product Information
Director:Jo Nam-Guk
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Release Date:Jun 04, 2010
Publisher:Loen Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

Product Details
* 겨울을 사랑한 나비 - 웨일
* 말하자면 사랑 같은것 - 이소라
* 이웃집웬수 - 웨일
* 휴 (休) - 브라이언
* 빛나는 순간 - 아키버드
* 내 사람아 - 재범
* La La La - 이상한 술집
* 혼자되기 (Inst.)
* 아프지 않기 (Inst.)
* 느리게 걷기 (Inst.)
* 산책하기 (Inst.)
* 사랑하기 (Inst.)
* 안아주기 (Inst.)
* 기억하기 (Isnt.)
* 겨울을 사랑한 나비 (Guitar Inst-Version)
* 휴 (休) (Bossa Nova Inst- Version)
* 이웃집 웬수 (Bossa Nova Inst- Version)
About Definitely Neighbors TV Series
Broadcast: March 13, 2010 ~
Episodes: 60

Married couple gets divorced. Prior to their divorce, the couple had an argument and their five year old son left the house. Their child died by a car accident. The guilt from their child’s death weighted heavily on the parents and eventually they divorced because of this.

As time goes on, the ex spouses meet again as neighbors.