Jail Breakers Soundtrack

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Also Known As:Special Pardon, No.815
Director:Kim Sang-Jin
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Comedy, Crime
Release Date:Jan 07, 2003
Publisher:Garam Net
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. 분홍립스틱 (송윤아) (VER. DANCE)
02. 분홍립스틱 (김현철 & 도희선) (VER. BOSSA NOVA)
03. 분홍립스틱 (도희선) (VER. TECHNO)
04. 분홍립스틱 (도희선) (VER. REMIX)
05. 다시 (도희선)
06. 교도소 전경
07. 무석의 테마
08. 탈옥시도
09. 용문신 등장
10. 땅굴속의 두사람
11. 탈옥 성공
12. 마네킨 탈취
13. 재필이 담배 한 모금
14. 광란
15. 경순 납치
16. 경순 도망
17. 대통령 특사
18. 죄수들의 폭동
19. 재필의 테마
20. 전경 VS 죄수들
21. 월담 시도
22. 고백
23. 월담 성공
24. 상황 종료
25. 사랑과 야망 (광복절 밴드)
26. THE LIFE (광복절 밴드)
About Jail Breakers
Two convicts break out of jail. One thing they don't know is they are on a special pardon list and set to be released. The embarrassed warden urgently forms a special unit to bring them back as quietly as they can. In the meantime, the convicts walk into trouble wherever they go. Jail Breakers is another ambitious work from one of today's hottest directors and another gem starring Seol Gyeong-Gu, one of the most popular actors in Korea.