The Spring Day of My Life TV Series Soundtrack
내생애 봄날

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Also Known As:Springtime of My Life, My Spring Days
Director:Lee Jae-Dong
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Nov 12, 2014
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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내 생애 봄날
Sometime - 김태현 (딕펑스)
I Believe - 가인
I Will - 감우성
바람꽃 - 수영 (소녀시대)
그댄 누군가요 - 박재정
봄이 올까요 (feat.딘딘) - 2LSON
있잖아 널 사랑해 - 정준일 (메이트)
눈물 비 - 제이엘
I Will (Acoustic Ver) - 감우성
Sometime (Acoustic Ver) - 김태현 (딕펑스)
I Will (Piano Ver) - 피아노 : 신지호
따뜻한 봄날
그 곳에 가면
With You
우리 언젠가
기억 속 우도
함께 걸어요
Warm Hands
마음으로 바라보다
푸른, 바다
기적 같은 시간들
About Spring Day of My Life TV Series, The
Broadcast: 2014-09-10 ~ 2014-10-30
Episodes: 16

This is a melodrama about a woman who received heart transplant and a man who loved his late wife very much.
Lee Bom Yi (Choi Soo Young) decided to live her life to the fullest as a token of gratitude for the donor. She then accidentally met Kang Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung), a single father with two children, unaware that he was the husband of her donor. Kang Dong Ha is baffled that Lee Bom Yi shares many similar traits with his late wife.