Magic TV Series Soundtrack

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Director:Hong Chang-Wuk, Ko Gyeong-Hee
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Sep 02, 2004
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. The Story (Inst.) (이성열 On Guitar)
02. 후회 (김동욱)
03. 단애 (短愛) (이소정)
04. The Story (Sg Wanna Be(Sg 워너비))
05. Rainbow (Pb`S(피비스))
06. Without You (M To M)
07. 아름다운 날이면 (이소정)
08. 그 길에 서면 (플라이젠)
09. 그림자처럼 (이완수)
10. 영원 (플라이젠)
11. 빛 (김성필)
12. The Story (Ballad Vers.) (Sg Wanna Be(Sg 워너비))
13. 단애 (Inst.) (신상우 On Piano)
14. 후회 (Inst.)
15. 그 길에 서면 (Inst.) (정용민 On Guitar)
16. 영원 (Inst.) (신상우 On Piano)
About Magic TV Series
Broadcast: August 1, 2004 ~ October 17, 2004
Episodes: 16

Well known, Kang Dong Won ( Country Princess , Romance of their own , Hunters ), for his starring turns in films like Maundy Thursday and Duelist, Kang Dong Won is one of the most popular and versatile actors working in Korean cinema. Like many of today's top stars, he started his career in television, and his last and most memorable series is 2004 SBS drama Magic. Written by Yoon Sung Hee (Shoot for the Stars), this exciting romantic drama features Kang Dong Won as an ambitious young magician, alongside Kim Hyo Jin (Barefoot Gi Bong), Yang Jin Woo (Strange Woman, Strange Man), and Uhm Ji Won (Traces of Love).

Having grown up under an uncaring gangster father, Kang Jae (Kang Dong Won) thinks only of himself, determined to get ahead in life. He never knew what family meant until he meets magician Lee Dae Hae (Suh In Sok) and his son Sun Mo (Yang Jin Woo). Showing a natural gift for magic, Kang Jae learns the tricks of the trade from Lee Dae Hae, who becomes like a surrogate father to him. Kang Jae and Sun Mo's friendship falls under test though when they develop a romantic rivalry over Dan Young (Kim Hyo Jin), who spurns Sun Mo for Kang Jae. When Dan Young's stepsister Yun Jin (Uhm Ji Won) also declares her interest in Kang Jae, however, he must choose between Dan Young whom he loves and Yun Jin, who can assist him in his ambitions for advancement.