The Sandglass Soundtrack

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Director:Kim Jong-Hak
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama
Release Date:Aug 09, 1996
Publisher:E&E Media
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 Main Title
02 서로 다른 연인
03 특별한 타인
04 지킬 수 없는 사랑
05 이별을 위한 만남
06 도시의 그늘에서
07 어제의 내일
08 그림자 없는 추억
09 연서
10 그 푸르른 오월은
11 화려한 고독
12 이연
13 어둠 그 끝에는
14 End Title
About "The Sandglass" TV Series
Sandglass ranks as the third most-watched TV mini-series in Korean television history, with over 65% of the Korean population tuning in for each weekly episode.

Sandglass is the story of two best friends, their differing roads in life, and the political turmoil that inevitably pits them against one another. After getting rejected from military school because of his father's affiliation with the Communist party, Tae-Soo (Choi Min-Soo) enters a dark underworld filled with violent gangsters and corrupt politicians. Woo-Suk (Park Sang-Won) sees his family suffer under political oppression, and becomes a prosecutor to fight for social justice. Painfully torn between the two men is Hye-Rin (Go Hyun-Jung of Spring Days), the ambitious successor to her father's successful casino business.

Sandglass powerfully explores the conflicts between friendship, loyalty, and duty. Don't miss this intense and unpredictable 24-episode television masterpiece¡K and prepare yourself for a thrilling and truly unforgettable ending.