Let's Go to the Beach TV Series Soundtrack
해변으로 가요

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Also Known As:Summer Beach
Director:Lee Seung-Ryeol
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Aug 23, 2005
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01 Summer Love (에드워드)
02 Keep You In My Heart (Bmk(비엠케이))
03 Ocean Blue (M(엠/ 이민우))
04 오직 너에게만 (Your Love Is All I Need) (서준)
05 하늘(부제:영원한 사랑) (신혜성/ 초난강)
06 꿈 (Sori)
07 Happy Together (A.Sia)
08 1961 (앤드류 전)
09 Rock And Roll Savior (Dragon Ft. 정유경)
10 Romance
11 Feel My Love (그대 사랑의 감사해요)
12 Your Love Is All I Need (에드워드)
13 Ocean Blue (Instrumental)
14 Keep You In My Heart (Instrumental)
15 Your Love Is All I Need (Instrumental)
16 Ocean Blue (Mr Version)
About Let's Go to the Beach TV Series
This drama will be about a hotel's lifesavers. The story will be based on the love between an illegitimate son, Jang Tae Pung and his half brother (different mothers), Jang Tae Hyun and the grand daughter of hotel owners, Yoon So Rah.

Jang Tae Pung (Lee Wan)
He's the half brother of Jang tae Hyun (different mothers). He has a carefree personality and works as a swimming coach. One day, he was told by the hotel to work as a lifeguard and by chance meets Yoon So Rah at the beach and falls in love with her. His nickanme is Rockhead since he's very careless. He's always compared to his half brother and often loses to him but he's determine to not lose the one he loves to his half brother.

Yoon So Rah (Lee Cheong Ah)
Granddaugter to hotel owners, she dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer. She has a feeling of love towards Jang Tae Pung but will face problems with his first love, Min Ju Hee.

Jang Tae Hyun (Jeon jin)
A perfectionist who is the CEO of the hotel where this story takes place, a very stubborn person but when he is in front of the person he loves, he's very affectionate and warm. He's levelheaded, the opposite of his half brother.