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Director:Im Tae-Woo
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, Action
Release Date:May 21, 2007
Publisher:SM Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
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1. Harudal - TVXQ
2. All in Vain - TVXQ
3. Learning To Fly
4. Perguntas - Kang Ta
5. Calling - Hyun Jin
6. Only Day - Chunsangjihee
7. Fist 2 Fist
8. Man At Danger
9. Whooo 'R' U
10. Wishing U Were Here
11. Tension Builder
12. Labrynth Allegro
13. U look Funky 2 Me
14. Harudal (Inst.)
About Air City TV Series
On Air: May 19, 2007 ~ July 8, 2007

Total 16 episodes

There is a national border that links the Korean peninsula to countries all over the world. Incheon International Airport.

Tens of thousands of passengers, tons of freight, and hundreds of airplanes that take off and land at this place. With 30,000 airport employees working to keep the airport open 24 hours a day, the place even has its own mini government as 21 government agencies are located on the airport premises.

Airport is more than just an airport: It is a small city. Just like how one airplane part is essential to the safety of the whole flight, every single person who works at Incheon Airport plays an important role in handling the airplane take-offs and landings.

"Air City" is a story about these dedicated people.

A place where loved ones say good-bye or hello. Travelers who are taking trips overseas become excited when they finally reach the airport. When your plane ticket is processed and board a plane after having a seat assigned to you, then the pilot will navigate the plane to your destination. After your plane lands, you need to go to the exit gates. It looks like a simple procedure that takes little effort. But Aircity will show you what happens behind the scenes as people work hard to make your flight arrive on time without a problem. The characters of this drama harbor a common goal to establish another aircity in the African continent. The goal accompanies many challenges and the characters overcome those challenges one by one. They are courageous and aggressive when it comes to work but the stories of their love is sometimes difficult, foolish and a bit clumsy. But as much as they are faithful to their passions and dreams, they are always respectful of others. And so they are beautiful.

Aircity will open up a new world to viewers who have only seen TV dramas about airline pilots and stewardesses. The drama will entertain viewers with interesting facts concerning airport operations and also tell moving stories that will touch your heart. The characters in this TV drama are professional, courageous, and passionate about their work. But in their lives outside of the workplace, they struggle with their personal relationships. But they are sincere people who have a strong sense of duty, which makes them beautiful people.

Han Do-kyung (Female / age: 31) – Actress Choi Ji-woo

Operational chief of the Incheon Airport Authority.
An airport should be a ¡°haven¡± for passengers.
As head of airport operations, she is in charge of the land operations and airspace of Incheon Airport. With a successful professional career, she can speak 5 different languages and is regarded as an energetic and decisive leader by everyone who knows her. Though she has an impassive and curt demeanor, she is a warm person deep down. But she suffers from a deep loneliness due to an unhappy childhood.

With her pretty looks, she appears to be a woman who has had many boyfriends in her life. But the truth of the matter is that she only dated a couple of guys. Her real problem is that she has never felt a deep emotional connection with the men she used to date. She believes that passionate romantic relationships only exist in romance novels and when her friends talk about their heartbreaking love life, she thinks that they are exaggerating their stories.

Kim Ji-sung (Male / age: 33) – Actor Lee Jung-jae

Government agent in charge of airport security.
The airport is an international border checkpoint.

Though he has a passionate personality, Ji-sung must keep his emotions in check while on the job. As a government agent in charge of airport security, he handles a range of issues such as terrorist threats, industrial spies, drug smuggling, and international criminal rings. With an analytical mind and sharp judgment, he is everything that an agent should be and more. When he thinks he is absolutely right about something, he will break the rules to get the job done.
To achieve a goal, he will use any means at his disposal. With a reputation for disobeying his superiors, he gets himself in frequent trouble.

When he first began working for the government¡¯s intelligence agency, he was a brash young man who liked to crack jokes. After getting injured on one of his missions, he meets a young doctor and falls in love with her. But because of their demanding jobs, they didn¡¯t get married and broke up.

Kang Ha-jun (Male / age: 31) – Actor Lee Jin-wook

Team leader of operations at Incheon Airport Authority.
The airport is a ¡°battlefield¡±
He has a hot temper and a confrontational style. But he is a warm-hearted person as well. He constantly monitors the security cameras around the airport and handles any emergency situation.

At work, he has to keep an eye on the ground area and airspace of the airport at all times. He meets problems head-on and solves them with the sheer force of his personality.
Since he has a demanding job, he is easily irritated and lashes out at people when he is not getting results. Every day, he has overwhelming responsibilities but he thrives in the stressful environment.

He is a strong supporter of Do-kyung but he has a complicated history with her because not only is Do-kyung his immediate boss but they are also childhood friends. In addition, he has had a crush on her for a long time.

He tries to find a way to unravel his complicated relationship with Do-kyung.

Seo Myung-woo (female / age: 31) – Actress Moon Jung-hee

A doctor stationed at the hospital ward and the former girlfriend of Ji-sung

She is a doctor who is stationed at the airport where she treats patients and is in charge of quarantine procedures. At the ER, she is an experienced doctor who works expertly under pressure but in her personal life, she is a charming woman with a light-hearted personality.

When she was a young doctor, she met Ji-sung, who was one of her patients, and fell in love with him. But due to her demanding job, they eventually parted ways.
When she learns that Ji-sung returned to Korea after spending 10 years stationed abroad, she quits her job at a general hospital and applies for a position at the airport ward, She acts coolly when she meets Ji-sung for the first time in 10 years but deep inside, feelings of love stir within her again.

She would like to change things back to the way they were but it is too late to make things right again. And Ji-sung now has a new girlfriend called Han Do-gyung in his life. She is a woman who is smart, self-confident and poised in any situation.