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Director:Lee Jeong-Hyang
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Drama, Kids
Release Date:Mar 24, 1999
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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집으로 가는길 I
즐거운 상우(Unused)
할머니와 장난감
벌레 잡기(Unused)
자전거를 타고...
집으로 가는길 Ii
장에 가는 할머니
닭 먹는 상우
달려라, 달려!
할머니의 마음 I
집으로 가는길 Iii
상우 달리다
할머니의 마음 Ii
떠나는 상우
The End(Unused)
The End
About Way Home, The
* Best Film : Grand Bell Award, South Korea
* Winner : Young Artist Award
* Best Film : Baek Sang Film Award

The Way Home is a touching story about a spoiled city boy, Sang Woo, whose single mom falls on hard times. The mom has no choice but to ship the boy off to the rural mountain town where his grandma lives. The grandmother is a hunchback lady with serious osteoporosis from bending over low stoves all her life. She’s also mute and illiterate.Despite the physical setbacks, she works diligently without complaining. Her character is so cute, you fall in love with her right away.
At first, the SangWoo treats his grandma with disrespect and apathy. He assumes she’s a country bumpkin because she’s unfamiliar with the trappings of the modern world.(How could she possible not know what Kentucky Fried chicken is??!!)He tries to keep himself occupied with the things he brought with him from the city: his rollerblades, his toys, his Coca Cola and his tins of Spam. However, after seeing all the sacrafices the gentle old woman makes for him, he soon learns some important lessons about love, kindness, selflessness and humility.
A long way home has a purposefully slow pace to mimick the slow pace of life in the countryside. In the beginning you wonder if anything is going to happen in the movie, but profound moments come out of very simple events. In addition, the striking scenery and the beautiful cinematography makes the movie a delight to watch.

The most remarkable thing about this movie is Eul-boon Kim, the woman who plays the grandmother. She had never even seen a movie before acting in this one! The director Jeong-hyang Lee found her during an extensive talent search among real rural village people. Bring some tissues if you watch this movie (It's a tearjerker!) and don’t forget to call your grandma afterwards to tell her you love her.

The surprise box-office hit of 2002. A grandmother in her 70s living in a secluded mountain village is given care of her grandchild from a big city. Used to city life, the grandson doesn’t like his surroundings and takes his insecurities out on his grandmother. But the bond between them gradually grows. The story line is simple, yet meticulously composed episodes and a superb performance from the first-time actress creates a warm and loving atmosphere and a richly emotional experience.