Kang Je-Gyu

Job:Director, Producer
Date of birth:November 27, 1962
Country:South Korea

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About Kang Je-Gyu
Known for his ever-challenging subjects and audience-captivating narratives, Kang first gained prominence as the screenwriter of 1991's WHO HAS SEEN THE DRAGON'S NAIL, which won "Best Screenplay " from the Korean Screenwriters Association. He followed that success with 1994's THE RULE OF THE GAME, which won "Best Screenplay "at the Choon Sa Film Festival. THE GINKO BED, released in 1996, was both a critical and commercial hit, capturing Kang prizes for "The New Director of the Year" at the Golden Bell Awards, "The New Director of the Year, Best Cinematography and Best Original Music" at the Blue Dragon Awards" and "New Director of the Year" from Cine21. THE GINKO BED grossed $15.5 million, doubling the average Korean film take.
In 1997, Kang took on the challenge of directing the action-packed SHIRI. SHIRI set Korean box-office records upon release, captivating more than 6 million people in his native land and bettering the blockbuster record previously held by TITANIC (4.5 million).

Kang stands apart from his Korean contemporaries in his balance between form and content, leading to comparisons to Luc Besson and John Woo.

His popularity in Korea is not limited to the film industry. He was honored as "Man of the Year" by the JOONANG DAILY NEWSPAPER and the DONGA DAILY NEWSPAPER, two major Korean newspapers. Kang was also lauded as one of the "50 LEADERS AT THE FOREFRONT OF CHANGE IN ASIA" by BUSINESS WEEK.

Kang heads his own production company, Kang Je-Gyu Films.