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The Promise Soundtrack

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Product Details
genre: Fantasy, Action
release date: Jan 12, 2006
company: Sony
made in: South Korea
case: CD Case

01 Freedom Of The Wa
02 Wuji - Main Theme
03 Love Theme
04 Kunlun, The Slave
05 Qingcheng, The Princess
06 Guangming, The General
07 Wuhuan, The Duke
08 Princess Kite
09 The Promise
10 Snow Country
11 The Robe
12 Save The King
13 Guilang, The Assassin
14 Saving A Princess
15 Feather Fight
16 Waterfall
17 Stampede
18 Come Back
19 Birdcage
20 Wuhuan`S Plan

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Also Known As
Mo gik
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More Information
Country: China, South Korea, United States
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Fantasy, Action
Duration: 102mins
Certification: 12
Released: Jan 26, 2006

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users   (6.5)

Production: ShowEast, China Film Group, Moonstone Entertainment
Distribution: ShowEast



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