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Gingko Bed, The (1996)

은행나무 침대

genre: Romance, Sci-fi
country: South Korea
Su-Hyeon, a stoneblock artist and college instructor, and Seon-Young, a surgeon, love each other. His daily life looks settled down and ordinary but he falls in confusion as he happened to meet a gingko bed in an open air market. There is his love of the past world that even he doesn't know about. Unattainable love of a royal court musician and the princess becomes two ginko tress in a peaceful field and then becomes soul of ginko bed. And finally the love of soul that wanders looking for him for a thousand years of times makes its appearance. He came to quest for memories of Princess Midan of the past world and is threatened by general Hwang who is a persistent incarnation of love following Midan from the past. Seon-Young, his beloved of present world, decisively takes experiment to prove their existence that can't be explained scientifically while Midan, who can't get back to present world any more, makes the last choice to save Su-Hyeon from general Hwang.

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Duration: 88mins
Released: Feb 17, 1996

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users   (9.5)

Production: ShinCine

Color: Color
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