Green Fish  (1997)
초록 물고기
Starring: Han Seok-Gyu, Shim Hye-Jin, Mun Seong-Geun
Director:Lee Chang-Dong
Production:Cinema Service
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Green Fish
Bae Tae-Gon, a man who wants to govern the world with a sword. Mi-Ae, a woman who tries to feel the world with love. And Mak-Dong, a man who lead a life in despair. When he gets on a train for his hometown just finishing military service, Mak-Dong hapened to meet Mi-Ae on the train and gets to pick her scarp. While he goes around to get a job, Mak-Dong meets again Mi-Ae who sings in a nightclub. Mi-Ae arranges a job for Mak-Dong through Bae Tae-Gon, her lover and boss of a violent organization..........